Monday, August 21, 2006

Open letter to Welsh Water

Hello People

Below is a copy of an email to Dwr Cymru that's Welsh water for the uninitiated it was returned to me by their webmaster on spurious grounds although I have asked Lord Burns and other receipients to forward it to the company on my behalf I doubt very much that any will oblige. I hope it causes a stir but based on the silence regarding my other blogs it seems unlikely somehow, more the pity.

Love n Light Crazydave

To the Customer assistance Fund people
DWR CYMRU 17/8/06

Hello there

On monday the 14/8/06 I had an appointment at the citizens advice office. They were going to once again forward your form requesting assistance with my debt from the customer assistance fund.

However following my previous attempt for the debt to be written off by the fund that failed I could only assume that it was something that I put on the form about my spending of the money I receive in state benefit.

So this time I refused to explain what I spend my money on and the person at the C.A.B. refused to send the form to you even though I stated that it was my belief that the information that I provided in the last must have prejudiced the Assistance Fund administrators from agreeing to my debt being written off.

For I believe the £81 p.w. less the £9.58 p.w. paid direct to dwr cymru in state benefit must qualify me on low income grounds.

The fact that I have been paying the arrears for 6yrs must qualify me under the 'You must have been paying off the debt for the last two years' grounds.

What then can it be that disqualified me in the previous attempt for some benevolence?? I wonder.

I also wonder if any notice was taken of what I did not put on that list, you would have found no T.V. licence as I cannot afford it or the T.V. running cost in terms of electricity.

You might have found no phone, I have not had a phone for the past nine years, again because I did not use one often enough to justify the £100 a year standing charge.

You might have noticed that my electricity and gas ussage are at a minimum level, why because I have had to cut my cloth according to that minimum income, and so I know what it is like to go without heating in the winter, extra layers of clothes wooly hats, curling up under the quilt, that kind of thing.

No fridge because since my last one gave up the ghost 4 years ago there has been no money in the kitty for a replacement, but then I have saved on its running cost and have learnt how to live without that item.

Neither do I have a washing machine, which seemed in the worst years since my mental breakdown to have been something I was sorely in need of, if the rest of the populations noses were to have less noxtious fumes heading their way, any time I past by. The running cost of that I could have lived with for the value of clean clothes, after all they were washed in the same water that I had bathed in, cost cutting cost cutting, not that any enabling agency I have contacted regarding any second hand ones availability has bothered supplying me with one, even though I have made the request often enough Eh Dr. Gibbon. I wonder how that can occur in this 21st century 1st world country???

In March 2005 I wrote to Dr. Brian Gibbon A.M. where I included the current water bill for my property, asking could he find out what the water charge was for a non divided 3 bedroom house in my area, as I had infact been asking for that information for the last six years not five as mentioned in that letter with not one MP or AM supposidly in a paid position to represent me could be bothered to find out, even though I have badgered for it often enough.

You might care to go to and type in the search words welsh assembly the crazydave files and you will see where I have spent some of my minimal income on, one of the banner that was also mentioned in that letter, SOCIAL SERVICES MINISTER SAYS ISSUES SURROUNDING THE HEALTH N WELFARE OF ITS CLIENTS GROUPS ARE 'NOT PART OF HIS PORTFOLIO' WHAT UTTER BULLDOODY.

I believe the words on that banner to be as true today as then, although I have made a complaint to south wales police regarding the wilful neglect of vulnerable adults myself included by the welsh assembly they it seems have ignored that complaint much the same as you will find the IPCC does regarding my emails.

I have attached the dwr cymru banner and blog, it includes the image of the young male n female sculpture down at cardiff, but I also believe in a world where poletitians bleat on about closing the divide between the haves and have nots, then the simple redesignation of properties such as 15 n 15a (with held for privacy reasons) to that of shared houses and charged at the house rate, divided in this instance by two, ought to be the order of the day.

Thats an end users perspective, in an ideal world where the likes of OFWAT do actually work in the customer favour, then we might see legislation that makes it compulsory to put in roof water collection systems, in all new build houses, and most especially in those properties that house those classed as vulnerable i.e. council n housing association tenants.

Those banners are where some of the money that I have received has gone, that and for putting the photos on disc because at my income level I cannot afford a digital camera, one films processing is a tenth of my weekly income after your payment has been taken out, the sheets of calico on which they are painted just over that, but again I have felt them necessary because of neglect of those like myself by the powers that be in this world.

So lets go back the CAB who have posters on their walls that say that they are there to help those who are suffering from prejudiced, yet they refused to send the form because I refused to say where my weekly income goes on the fear of prejudice grounds.

I will ask here, why in the 21 Century is your organisation acting like the 19th Century poor house owners 'can I have some more please' Dickensian mean n nasty people???with this 'tell us where your money goes Crazydave!!!!'

Isn't it enough to know that someone survives on subsistance level of income, isn't it enough that not for 2yrs but for 6yrs I have been paying off the debt. I would have thought so, but I imagine that I have said to much here, have asked you to forefit a little bit to much of the share holders profits, with radical ideas of social justice, or practicle solutions to issues around sustainability and an ever growing population, maybe.

Yep but then maybe just maybe, someone in the AM, MP or the Lords who read this will agree, that the necessity to fill out where income goes is outdated, outmoded and should be banned, I had hoped that the CAB would have been supportive in that, but they seem a pale reflection of their originators goals.

OFWAT tell me that 'If I am not happy with the charge to get a meter' I would not mind a meter if the council were willing to supply me with five of those blue barrels that the downpipe from the roof be directed into one that then feeds the others, it would be a joy not a chore to bucket water into my toilet knowing as I did so that I paid nothing for it, but received it free from the roof, but the priciple at work here the neglect at work here by that body has stalled me in getting a meter that and the dispite from Cardiff County Council towards myself.

It never fails to amaze me that when I send emails regarding the water issue side of my protest that it rains. I was also reminded this morning of a young Jewish mans words 2000 years ago 'As you do unto the least of my children you do also unto me' What then would it hurt the water companies to agree to these solutions, that the poorest members of this society might have a little more money to spend else where, because they would have reduced bills??? That the money supply might move in other directions, that architects would be made to include these systems into their new home designs, that new emplyment opportunities be created by those who would install these systems into older properties??? Would any of that be a bad thing, I think not, and what benefit to the environment would these changes make??? less drain off from our rivers perhaps???

Well I hope that maybe this will change your minds regarding the debt I owe, maybe you might even see the wisdom of the proposals, and have no fear for your profit line, wouldn't you all prefer to live in a world where poverty is history, as relative though as that word is, they talk of fuel poverty, do we need to have water poverty as well, or are we willing to really take the actions that insure that sustainability isn't just a Buzz word, but a living phillosophy and the practicle actions taken that make it so.

Well I have written enough, may wisdom and not a little compassion guide your decision with regards my debt and those who receive copies of this change their minds regarding the redesignations of houses of multiple occupancy to shared houses, and that the installation of roof water collection systems be made compulsory in all new build properties and that they be installed in all properties initially where designated vulnerable adsults live.

All the best David Gabriel aka Crazydave aka Daoud jibreel

Posted Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A COPY OF THIS BLOG WAS COPY PASTED TO THE EMAIL and is available for view on the welsh assembly the crazydave files

Love n Light crazydave.